Hump hump

So I'm taking the GRE on March 26th and I've been spending far less time studying for it that I wanted to. Some of it is lack of motivation, the other is the fact that PT has taken over my free time during the work week...so all my normal weeknight errands have now moved into one of my weekend days and so on. I'm just looking forward to taking it (4 hours yuck!) and being done with it. I can re-take it, but I hopefully won't have to. I just need to get it over with, so I can actually start looking at graduate programs and all that.

Work is really not going well right now. My new project doesn't really appeal to me and my boss just had her baby, so our acting PM is a real dick (pardon my french) and he's giving everyone trouble.  I thought our task lead was going to break into tears Friday. And all of his pushing and prodding resulted in the deletion of all my work and several other peoples' work from Thursday and Friday. I'm already past my deadline because of my computer acting up, and of course, it's just an internal deadline...but I want to be done with the part I'm working on right now. And add to the equation an email we got from our division manager that was sent to about 200 of us saying that we have crisis work coming up to support our troops and we all need to rest up mentally and physically for it. No word since about what it is and what's required of us...but we all are overloaded as is, so we'll end up working overtime and hopefully getting paid for it. Rumours are circulating about how bad crisis work was about 3 years ago, but I'm trying to keep it out of mind and get all my personal affairs sorted so I'm rearing to go when it all comes down.

I'm sick...I think I took care of myself better this time so that my seriously bad cold didn't have a chance to turn into bronchitis. I had bronchitis back in November and it was miserable. I managed to not take off any time at all when I had bronchitis, but with this cold this past week I had to leave work about 4 hours early on Wednesday because my head was spinning and I was coughing up a lung and felt really weak. First time in my life I've ever left work/school/etc because of being sick....crazy!

i called it quits with the whole john thing...not in the way i wanted to. but about a month ago i told him that it just wasn't working and that i was disappointed in the situation. he wasn't making me any sort of priority at all, even just to head out for drinks after work was too much of a committment for him. and knowing that work things don't always work out, i figured it was best to end it before i got even more hurt. he seemed fine with it and continued to text me at 2 AM and email me...but on valentine's day it all seemed to change. one of my girlfriends sent me flowers and he saw them and i told him they'd come from a friend up north. then he texted me that night and i haven't heard from him really since. he's been avoiding me like you wouldn't believe...even in the halls at the office, he'll just stare/glare at me and when i say "hey" more often than not he doesn't respond or even acknowledge me. i want to say something but not make a big deal out of it. i just think it's rude and i won't lie and say i'm not hurt by it.

So once March 26th comes...it's smooth(er) sailing from then on. After the GRE, I fly home for 5 days...2 baby showers, 1 NKOTB concert and a whole lot of fun! Then Jessica is coming down in April for the cherry blossoms, I fly to Nebraska in April to see Colleen, Mary's coming in May, Boston and NYC in May, Sarah's bridal shower in Raleigh in June...and moving at the end of June!!! My life gets eons better after March 26th...just one more month!

- j